My name is Toni Andonova. I am a media designer. I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the age of thirteen I was admitted to the National High School of Applied Arts "Saint Luca" Sofia. I wanted to study handcraft, because is the applicable part of art.

During my studies there, I discovered that I am interested in more modern form of handcraft traditions. Looking at the possibilities, I found the Engineering Design program at the Technical University of Sofia. The program introduced technology studies. This factor made me prefer it among the other possibilities. I started to study the Engineering Design program, while I worked as a graphic designer. I chose a specialization in design of advertising products, which resulted as a research in visual design. While studying and working as a graphic designer, I became aware of my growing fascination with technology. Today’s demand for dynamics and interaction changes both the requirements and the expectations and reveals exciting possibilities in the area of design.

In the year 2009 I was admitted to the Digital Media Master program at the University of The Arts Bremen, Germany, where I was able not only to employ my skills as a graphic designer, to draft and design, but also to acquire new abilities in the audio-visual media and the digital media design requirements.


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